Our Journey


We are a mother daughter dynamic duo that pass as sisters and have a love for all events from planning and organizing to running them.  We have always joked around about starting our own business and finally, we decided to just do it.  

Meet Mona

  Hi! I am Mona.  I am a kitchen designer during the day, a mother to three grown children, a wife to my husband of over 30 years, a dog mom, and I will be a grandmother soon!  Summer is my favorite time of year and when I am not working I am at the beach, spending time with my family or friends, or redecorating my home.  I take great pride in decorating my home and love when my friends ask me to help them!  I also love the holidays.  The holidays are always at my home and have been for over 20 years.  I enjoy hosting and having excuses to buy more decorations! Seeing my loved ones happy, makes me happy.

Meet Jackie

Hi! I am Jackie.  I am Mona's daughter, Mona's oldest child and even though she is my mother, she is also my best friend and was my maid of honor.  I am a Technical Accountant Consultant during the day, which consists of dealing with multiple clients on a daily basis, paying attention to detail, and of course numbers!  I am extremely outgoing, and value my family, friends, and fiance tremendously.   Growing up with the most amazing parents, makes me want to better myself every day and hoping that I can be half the parents as they are.